About Cal

A little on Cal and process

Cal mostly uses native Arizona woods such as mesquite, sissoo, olive, and acacia, enhancing imperfections with turquoise.  Cal is a perfectionist on the lathe and an artist in his own right. 

Born in Worthington, Minnesota. Raised on a dairy farm, Cal always worked with his hands and became a collision repair technician for 46 years.

Cal moved to Arizona in 1985, towards sunshine, warmth, and the natural terrain of the desert. Sitting a top of an enormous family tree Cal has eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren, all living in Mesa, Arizona!

In 2009 Cal began turning wood. Inspired by his brother-in-law, who had taken a woodturning class in Colorado and inspired by wood’s natural beauty.   Cal became a conduit  for that beauty and produced spectacular pieces right out of the gate. The first creation was a beautiful bowl, which he gave to his wife for Valentine’s Day, only a month and a half after I began turning wood.

A close friend marveled that I would never look at a piece of wood the same way again. What used to be firewood is now a piece of raw material, just waiting to be turned. I view each piece as an individual – sometimes, pieces of wood will just sit in my workshop for days, or even weeks, before deciding what should be made from them.

Each piece is one of a kind. Even when a set is produced, such as wine goblets, they are never an exact match. The peculiarities of the wood and the fact that Cal works without a pattern makes each piece ever so slightly different and beautiful in its own remarkable way.